All Star® Leather Ox

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Converse All Star® Leather Ox увеличить картинку в новом окне

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Converse All Star® Leather Ox

Код товара: 77297

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Наша цена: 3276 грн.
полнота: Medium
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ЦВЕТ: Белый


  • For men's sizes, please select a half-size down from your regular size. (if you wear Men's size 9.5, please choose Men's size 9). Women's sizes should be true to size.
  • Sure, you can choose a shoe color, but are you ready to really commit to it? With the newest Chuck Taylor Leather, the color you pick is the color you get - the only color.
  • Soft leather upper and the classic All Star details all in the same color.
  • This is a striking look that doesn't leave room for any gray areas.

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